Singer Financial
1922 Louis Singer founded the Home of Old Israel, a privately endowed non-profit institution providing free housing, meals, activities, and care of the aged on a non sectarian basis. The Home is located at 204 Henry Street, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Currently Gouverneur Hospital is on the site.

3/31/29 Home moves from 204 Henry Street to 70 Jefferson Street, formerly occupied by Beth Israel Hospital. The Home houses 400 people.
10/22/33 New York City Mayor John P. O’Brien visited Home twice in one day, once for dinner.
2/2/36 Annual ball in the Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf-Astoria. Honorary committee includes Mrs. James Roosevelt, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor Herbert H. Lehman, Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia, the Reverend Dr. Stephen S. Wise, the Reverend Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, Borough President Samuel Levy, Commisioner Edward P. Mulrooney, James J, Dooling, Harry Walkoff, Commisioner Maurice P. Davidson, Representative Samuel Dickstein, Emanuel Celler, William I. Sirovich and Sol Broom. Proceeds were donated to the new hospital unit being built to provide for medical needs of the home.
2/16/37 Louis Singer, active for many years in Jewish charities, died. He was President of the Home of Old Israel, a trustee of the Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities, vice president of the United Hebrew Community of New York and the Hebrew Kindergarten and Day Nursery, a director of the Israel Zion Hospital, Brooklyn, and the Infants’ Home of Brooklyn. Mr. Singer was president of Mount Lebanon Cemetery, secretary of Mount Carmel Cemetery and director of Mount Hebron Cemetery, all of New York. He also was a director of the Cedar Park Cemetery, Emerson, N.J.

Jacob Singer, son of Louis Singer, became president of the Home of Old Israel.

2/24/42 Fundraising event of “Parade of Stars” at Madison Square Garden for the Home of Old Israel. Building committee included Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor Lehman and State Attorney General John J. Bennett, Jr. President Franklin Roosevelt gave a speech. Among the stars who appeared were the King Sisters, Benny Goodman, Chico Marx, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Robinson and former New York City Mayor James J. Walker.
8/8/47 Jacob Singer, president of the Home of Old Israel presented life membership card at City Hall to Mayor William O’Dwyer at City Hall. The card was given in recognition of the Mayor’s work in maintaining charitable and welfare institutions.
2/15/52 Party at Home of Old Israel for District Attorney Frank S. Hogan for fostering American principles of interfaith good will. Among those present were James H. Blauvelt, New York regional director of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, and about thirty representatives of the Hudson Guild and the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Club. Jack Singer, president of the Home, presided.
1965 City of New York purchased 70 Jefferson Street as a portion of the site for the La Guardia Houses.
6/3/65 Jacob Singer, president of the Home of Old Israel, announced their Seagirt Village Project in Far Rockaway, Queens. This is an outgrowth of the Home of Old Israel, which for more than 40 years provided care for the aged on a free non-sectarian basis at its former location on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Project will consist of 4-17 story towers erected on a 6.5 acre plot surrounded by Seagirt Boulevard, Beach 19th Street and the Atlantic Ocean. Project will serve non-sectarian, low income seniors aged 62 and older to provide housing, meals, infirmary/clinic, community building, chapel and recreation hall. There will be 1024 apartments. The largest low income Senior housing project in the United States.
10/30/66 Cornerstone dedication of Seagirt Village project. Project was completed as planned.
1970 In the early 1970s the Home of Old Israel was merged with the Jewish Association for Serving the Aged (JASA)